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Bella Hayes-Roth published her first fiction, “Devesh Reddy, D-Day,” in Chicago Quarterly Review, Volume 31, 2020. The story is an excerpt from her novel-in-progress, “The Ravishing Monica B. Reddy.”


Bella previously published many articles related to her research in Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence, which she conducted at Stanford University, Rand Corporation, and Bell Labs. She also obtained two patents and founded a small software company.


Bella earned a BA from Boston University and a PhD from the University of Michigan.


Bella, her husband, and their border collie live on the San Francisco Peninsula and in the Monterey Bay Area. They have two sons, one daughter, and two granddaughters.


Devesh Reddy, D-Day

An excerpt from the novel-in-progress, "The Ravishing Monica B. Reddy."

Originally published in: Chicago Quarterly Review, Volume 31, 2020.

Lovers act on their feelings; true lovers put their feelings into action.

Devesh Reddy truly loved his wife. So it happened that, on September 19, 2008, a glorious day, a day like any other in the Bay Area, he readily performed several loving actions for her, in the course of which, he incidentally made a devastating discovery.

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